UK Global Giving Challenge 17th Nov. 2014

Hi everyone. I hope you’ll take a moment to join in helping the “Campaign2End Early Child Marriage” campaign reach its funding goal. Campaign2End is about ending Child marriage and teenage pregnancy which is seriously on the increase especially during this Ebola Outbreak.
Just within these 4 months, the situation of our girls’ aged 9years and above has worsened with teenage pregnancies, child marriages and hundreds of children are now orphans need care, love and concern.

The campaign2end funds will achieve its objectives through the Marathon Tours, Forums. Educational support to survivors of early child marriages, Debates, inter-country meet-ups during the Campaign2end week, Moonlight outreaches, and other community events, etc. For 2 years.
This project has start accepting donations on through UK Global Giving Challenge on Monday, November 17, 2014 at 09:00 AM EST: Click and donate today through It goes live for 30 days to raise funds. Your contribution can help us reach our goal. Thank you!


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